Violinist, Pianist and Composer

Moniek has been playing music since she was a child.

Since she started playing the violin, she always loved to play for people and make them happy with her music. She traveled the last 7 years to more than 20 countries, exploring traditional music and sharing her music by performing and playing with local musicians.
She loves to share her biggest passion with the world, and inspire people to follow their dreams!


Moniek is performing solo (violin/piano, dance ) or together with many bands/projects where she’s involved in.

Her newest project is her CD project Sea Roots, where she performs with this summer to present her New Album!
Energetic original worldmusic tunes, with klezmer/balkans influences & happy Louisiana style!

Below some of her projects:

The Balcony Players – energetic klezmer/gipsy music
Live shows around the world with the Balcony Players

Moniek de Leeuw & Band, Synagogue Delft

AvivA – meditative worldmusic, hang/violin + dancers (Deform)
Movie made at the Prins Claus awards, Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam

Balcony Girls – Duo violin/accordeon/voice
Worldmusic, Forro, Klezmer, Folk

Emergency Circus

Emergency Circus

Moniek de Leeuw & Frank de Kleer ( Duo violin/guitar ) Klezmer, ragtime, balkan

Moniek loves to play music for children!

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