Moniek de Leeuw plays the violin and performs a brief tap dance in the theatrical show De Minnares by Mylou Frencken, well-known for her beautiful songs, and the TV program Met het Mes op Tafel (With the Knife on the Table).

Mylou Frencken, Martijn Buijnsters en Moniek de Leeuw Fotograaf: Rob Ouwerkerk

Mylou Frencken, Martijn Buijnsters and Moniek de Leeuw Fotograaf: Rob Ouwerkerk


In the theater show, Mylou openly explores her personal pitfalls and stumbles in love, leaving no secrets in “Minnares.” She candidly examines the Art of Loving, drawing inspiration, lessons, and entertainment from prominent and tragic mistresses such as Madame de Pompadour, Marilyn Monroe, Mata Hari, and Monica Lewinsky. Additionally, she reflects on the woman who almost took away her own husband.

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